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Our HIPAA and SOC2-compliant platform is trusted by researchers and clinicians at leading institutions:

“I've run over 100 participants through an intensive longitudinal ecological momentary assessment study with this payment platform, and it has been an exceptionally smooth process for both our research team and the participants.”

A headshot of Joe Maimone, senior clinical research coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital

Joseph Maimone

Massachusetts General Hospital
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

“These tools are a must for complex studies like ours. Tools like StudyPay cut down significantly on the amount of time I spend doing daily tasks. It allows me to quickly take stock of where each of our participants are, giving me more time to help on other aspects of the study.”

A headshot of Lia Follet, a Research Assistant at Harvard Nock Lab

Lia Follet

Harvard Nock Lab
Research Assistant

Our Commitment to Security

A commitment to mental health requires the highest privacy standards.

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